Pursuing Organizational Excellence

Your Guides to Organizational Health
Your Guides to Organizational Health
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    1. What are your products/services and what are your mission, purpose, vision and values? How do you think you are doing?
    2. Who are your stakeholders, what are their needs/expectations, and what value do you claim to provide? How do they think you are doing?
    3. How do you tract accountability for goal achievement through all levels of our organization? Is your scoreboard balanced and aligned with     your answers to the questions in 1 and 2?
    4. How do you use “best practice” tools to define, stabilize and document all your processes?Review key aspects of Change Management and     Personal Development

    5. How do you use data to track your performance and hold people accountable?
    6. How are you using valid data and stakeholder feedback to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
    7. What is the pain or cost of doing nothing different?

    8. What needs radical positive change and what are your priorities?
    9. What are your radical goals and what are the potential gains?

    10. Who is responsible for creating and executing the plan for radical positive change? Who is needed to serve on the team?
    11. How will you make radical positive change? Have you considered all feasible options for making the change?
    12. What resources are needed to make the change? What are the project’s scope, timeline, budget and key performance metrics?

    13. How will you motivate your team, hold them accountable and complete your plan? Conduct status checks, reviews and course corrections     as necessary.

    14. How will you measure the gain, capture the intellectual capital and sustain the gain?
    15. How will you know when you are done and what should come next?