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Our Mission  
To transform people into world class players, 
cultures into thriving environments, and strategies into wins.

 "Don’t kid yourself about culture — you can pretend it doesn’t matter as long as you like, while your talent flees and your customers leave to work with other vendors. Tell the truth about what’s working and what isn’t, clear out any obstacles in the energy in your workplace and watch your business explode!"
  - Forbes Magazine

​​Those who change the way they work today will lead the way tomorrow.


"Steve’s history as an early pioneer in Six Sigma and other breakthrough initiatives used in businesses and organizations worldwide earned him a well regarded reputation as a highly respected change agent. I watched Steve do a phenomenal job coaching people through a wide variety of challenges and future ranch visitors should look forward to the experience."

Anthony Robbins
Author and Peak Performance Coach

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Your Guides to Organizational Health
"The heart of an organization is its culture composed of the hearts of its employees primarily influenced by the hearts of their leaders."

Steve Schmidt, PhD
World Class Quest Founder and CEO
Retired Lt. Colonel USAF
Co-Developer of the Six Sigma Approach